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The Easy Way To Quit Smoking

Some individuals say the easy way to quit smoking does not exist. Yet people who have successfully quit will often tell you that it wasn't as hard as they thought, when they look back. Frequently, they tried numerous times before and failed and they went back to smoking several days, weeks, or months later. But then, that one time, they stopped without having as much trouble. So what made it easier that time?

I believe the easy way to quit smoking is through hypnosis and NLP. The conscious and unconscious minds are the driving force behind so much of what we do. There in lies the key to why a person smokes. In my practice I like to uncover what positive benefit the mind feels it is giving the client by smoking. This may seem a bit odd, but there is a misguided attempt to provide a benefit by smoking in a smoker's mind. This is powerful and is one of several techniques that when administered properly through the use of hypnosis and NLP make the transition from smoker to non-smoker as smooth as possible.

First off,one important step in quitting smoking is the intent to quit. Sometimes people say they want to quit, but don't deep down have the desire to give up smoking just yet. A person has to truly want to quit. Now, can that desire be enhanced? Yes. You can list all the negative results of smoking in your life on a piece of paper and also list all the wonderful, positive effects in your life of being a non-smoker. Be sure to write this down on paper, a very important step, as it brings the concepts into the physical world and will carry much more power as the lists are reviewed. These lists will not only create a real determination to stop smoking, but are also a very powerful tool in making the transition from smoker to non-smoker easier. There is no special "time" to quit smoking, but when the desire to stop is created, the right time has arrived.

Usually, the moment the desire to quit is born is when some event makes the realization a person needs to quit real. This could be physical, such as a sudden health problem related to smoking or even a coughing fit. It could be as simple as yet another rise in the price of cigarettes in a tough economy. Or, it can often be a word from a child, friend, or relative. Whatever the event, the realization that it is time to act is born and is time to be acted upon.

What rarely ever works though is if someone else wants a smoker to quit but the smoker really does not want to. As stated above, the smoker needs to want to quit. Often, in my practice, I am approached by a well-meaning spouse, parent, friend, etc. who wants to pay for sessions so someone else will quit smoking. I alway explain I would be happy to do so if the person themselves wants to quit, but if they don't, then I can't accept their business.

Your motivation might still go up and down but reread your lists and focus on a mental image of you as a successful, happy, non-smoker. Focus on thinking positively. What a sense of freedom you'll feel when sitting through a lengthy movie or plane journey without getting anxious and wishing for the end so that you could smoke. What will you do with all that extra money not being spent on cigarettes every day? Always direct your mind to all the positive results you will experience from becoming a non-smoker.

Most people have activities that remind them of cigarette smoking. Put off those activities for a while just to make your life easier. Giving up alcohol temporarily is a good idea as it is not only strongly associated with cigarette smoking, but also because a person's motivation to not smoke is greatly lowered when drinking alcohol. In the beginning it might be best to limit time with friends or acquaintances who are hard core smokers. Second hand smoke carries a good deal of nicotine with it, so quitting while being exposed to the drug is difficult at best.

At the same time, you ought to not stay home alone with nothing to do. Quitting cigarette smoking can be a little like losing a friend. Though hypnosis will make it so much easier to quit, it is best to occupy your mind, your hands and your time. With your newfound spare time not smoking, go back to your favorite pastime, hobby, or activity. Start with some mild exercise and work your way up, enjoying the new found feeling of breathings easier and your ever-increasing level of health. Staying active mentally and physically is not only a good practice while quitting smoking but is also a basis for a happier life.

Should an occasional craving pop up, just let it go by, it won't last long. Using NLP, clients are given techniques to utilize should an occasional craving for a cigarette occur, so it is less of an issue.

In summary, the easy way to quit smoking, is to quit when you have finally reached that desire to stop. Then utilize the miraculous benefits of hypnosis and NLP to ensure your success in becoming a new you, a non-smoker!