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Florida Smoking Statistics

*There were 157,160 deaths in Florida residents for all causes in 1998 with 29,450 attributed to smoking related causes.
*In 1998 there were 350.4 deaths per 100,000 people who lived in Florida that were attributable to smoking.
*Within those deaths attributed to smoking, 10,342 were caused by cardiovascular disease, 11,849 came as a result of cancer and 7259 died due to respiratory diseases.
*In that same year, there were 127,579 hospitalizations caused by smoking.
*These deaths represent 712,515 hospital days at a cost of$2.6 billion in hospital bills all because of smoking.
*Yearly healthcare costs in the state of Florida due to smoking is estimated at $6.2 billion.
*There is $6.47 billion lost in productivity due to smoking in Florida each year.
*Every family of Florida there is a tax burden of an average of $585 per house hold from smoking.
*Florida only receives $411,000,000 in cigarette taxes each year but spends approximately $1.2 billion on Medicaid for illnesses related to smoking.
*According to a study in 2008, amongst Floridians who smoke 18.5% were male and 16.4% were female.
*Also, high school students who smoke number 132,600 wishes about 14.3% of students.
*The number of kids in Florida who are under 18 and become daily smokers each year is 19,800.
*31.2 million packs of cigarettes are smoked or purchased by kids each year in Florida.
*Smoking is responsible for the deaths of more people than murders, suicides, illegal drugs, aides, car crashes, and alcohol combined.
*The tobacco industry spends about $881.4 million marketing tobacco in Florida each year.


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