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Benefits of Quitting Smoking

Quitting smoking yields far better benefits than the sometimes discomforts of recovering from smoking. Once a smoker becomes a non-smoker, the freedom from smoking is profound and far more attractive than smoking ever was. Quitting smoking can be hard work, though with hypnosis and NLP it does not necessarily have to be. Millions of people have quit smoking and you can too. Cravings will pass and can be largely mitigated and over time those occasional cravings will be weaker and less often. In the scope of a lifetime, quitting smoking is a process that lasts a very short time but it's positive effects last forever!

There are many benefits of quitting smoking besides the simple fact that many people are amazed how good they feel once they have stopped smoking for good.

Some of the benefits of quitting smoking people experience are:
1.They don't have to smoke, that is a real freedom.
2. They don't need to seek out places to smoke in an increasingly smoke-free society.
3. They don't have to be concerned with how their smoking is affecting others around them.
4. Their breath, clothes, hair don't smell like smoke. Once you quit, you realize how strong those odors may seem to non-smokers.
5. Their homes, cars and other belongings don't reek of stale smoke.
6. Food smells and tastes better and pleasant smells once again become heightened.
7. They no longer have to worry about the effects of their second-hand smoke on children, pets, friends or family.
8. They greatly reduce that constant worry about the ongoing damage to their health like when they were smoking.The danger of developing major smoking-related conditions begins to decrease within a few months of quitting.
9. They don't have to panic making sure they always have cigarettes available, and those annoying late night trips to the store for a pack of cigarettes are gone!
10. They have much more free money especially in light of government massively and continually increasing taxes on cigarettes.
11. Their self-esteem increases and there is a feeling of personal power in becoming a non-smoker.
12. Usually a person's skin tone and general appearance improves after quitting smoking.
13. They are not as short of breath as before when they smoked.
14. Their energy levels increase when they engage in exercise.
15. People typically will not consider the time that is wasted too. They may start to notice how wonderful it truly is to be able to do something for extened periods without even thinking about going outside for a cigarette.

Be sure to bookmark this page and refer to it time and again to reinforce why you wanted to quit in the first place and all the reasons you are becoming a non-smoker.