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Orlando Stop Smoking

Are you or a loved one a smoker living in Central Florida who wants to quit?

Have you tried repeatedly to quit with little success?

Frustrated because the pills, patches, and sprays just don't do the job?

Feel like you can't take the suffering and white-knuckle cravings trying to quit smoking?


 Number to stop smoking in orlando


Don't be afraid to call. I can help. I tend to get clients who have tried everything to no avail and I am often their last shot at quitting smoking. I was a smoker at one time so I understand what you are going through.

Watch this video below to get an idea of what my office is like and where it is located. It is a wonderful safe and quiet environment where you can reap the benefits of hypnosis and NLP to create positive change in your life!


Take a deep breath, relax. Help is here. There is no need to suffer needlessly in your quest to be a non-smoker. Hypnosis and NLP properly applied, are the most powerful and painless ways to quit smoking.

Hi, my name is Diane L. Ross. I am a Certified Hypnotist and Master Practitioner NLP. I have had a full time practice in the Orlando area for well over 17 years and have helped hundreds of people quit smoking without suffering. Actually, quitting smoking is one of my specialties. I use a combination of hypnosis and NLP techniques that are proven to work. As an ex-smoker, I fully understand how hard quitting can be and how the idea of quitting can be a bit overwhelming. It doesn't have to be that way. Together, we can get you where you want to be, a non-smoker. My office is conveniently located in Maitland near the corner of Horatio and 1792, and I would be happy to talk to you about your desire to quit smoking now and forever! 



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Certified Hypnotist, Master Practitioner NLP